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Uwe Banton is a German reggae artist with strong Jamaican musical roots. His latest CD release, "Mental Wars" looks at his love for family, his compassion for baby-mothers and his knowledge of the importance of being "armoured." Don Merrill talks with Uwe Banton in this interview.

New York Times writer Jon Schwartz and his wife Jean suspected that their son Joe might be a little different from other toddlers. By the time his wife was hiding his sister's Barbies so Joe wouldn't take them to school, they knew their son was probably gay.   Don Merrill talked with Jon Schwartz about Joe and his coming home by coming out.

Paul Bracken is an academic at Yale University with a warning; nukes are back. In his book, "The Second Nuclear Age," Bracken says proliferation, political instability overseas, an outdated American arms control policy and improved technology is making the possibility of a regional nuclear war more likely than full scale war was during the Cold War. Don Merrill talks with Paul about the circumstances and scenarios of this new reality.

Richie Spice is a Jamaican born reggae artist who believes his music can help Jamaican youth find a better way to live. Along with his very talented brothers, Richie has been using music to uplift for years.  Don Merrill talks with Richie Spice about his latest acoustic CD and and how he uses his music to testify.

Judy Collins is a legacy star of the first magnitude, with a 50 year career that stretches from singing, to songwriting, to activism. And as a memoirist, she has chronicled much of her life in her books. She's just written another one, and Don Merrill talks with her about her book, her career and her passions.

Sune Rose Wagner is 1/2 of the Raveonettes. Together with Sharon Foo, the Raveonettes has been making music since 2003. Don Merrill talks with Sune Rose Wagner about the challenges of making indie pop music, the beats, the lastest CD called Observator, and why it may be the last one the duo ever makes.

Dean Obeidallah is an Arab-American comic. And he regularly deals with and makes fun of questions like how do you make airline reservations when your name means "Servant of Allah?" Don Merrill talked with Dean about how and why he has the jewels to get up on stage and, not only do what he does, but do it so well?

Dwight Yoakam's 26 releases tell the story of his life. His newest, "3 Pears" goes in a slightly different direction, thanks to a collaboration with Beck. Dwight talks with Don Merrill about his music, Columbus Ohio football and his connection to the people he loves.

Walt Parazaider is a founding member of the rock music band Chicago. He has said that his goal was to create a sound that was  The Beatles “with horns:  Don Merrill recently talked with Walt about why the band has been around so long, and why the band's music continues to attract listeners from all generations.

Pat Metheny has been a leader in jazz-fusion since the 80s. And his newest effort, the Unity Band, speaks not only to his evolution as an artist, but to his childhood roots. In this interview, Don Merrill and Pat Metheny about music in a Unified Field Theory kind of way.

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David Lin, a Chinese American businessman in Corvallis, OR commissioned a mural on the side of his business in 2012 that highlighted Chinese abuses in Tibet. That act enraged the Chinese government.  Don Merrill talked with David Lin about this mural and his warning to the rest of us.

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Daniel Simpson was a foreign correspondent in Bosnia for the New York Times between 2002 and 2003. He became disillusioned with his work, and tried to start a music festival in the waning days of the Yugoslavian conflict. After that, he became an addict. Now he's written a book about it. Don Merrill talks with Daniel Simpson about his new book, A Rough Guide to the Dark Side, his decent in his own Divine Comedy and his ongoing recovery into adulthood.

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Ziggy Marley is an activist, an entrepreneur and not least of all, a musician.  He is a family man that has managed to not get caught up with things and stuff.  Don Merrill spoke with Ziggy about his latest release, "Wild and Free" as well as about some of the other endeavors he's involved with.

Martin Zarzar is a drummer with Pink Martini.  During a 3-month break between touring, he produced and released his first solo CD, called "Two Dollars to Ride the Train."  Don Merrill talked with Martin about how inspiration sometimes finds its way in the strangest ways and at the oddest times.

Rick Estrin & the Nightcats is a blues band that has been around since the mid 70s. It's music is down and dirty. Don Merrill had the opportunity to speak with front man Rick Estrin about his passion for his music, his musical upbringing and how, sometimes, "old school" is the only school.

Tom Jenkinson, aka Squarepusher, released his most recent record called "Ufabulum." Don Merrill had the pleasure of talking with him in this interview. Mr. Jenkinson explains why he fights being easily labeled as a musician by corporate music, and how partly from that, his energy and innovative music comes.

Loveness Wesa is a South African musician in the Zimbabwean tradition. She came to dance via theater and to theater via karate. And above all else, she loves performing. Don Merrill spoke with her about the forces of nature that shaped her and how she spends her life trying to find ways to give back.

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