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A 20-minute block of time (the shortest you can schedule) costs a flat rate of $40 dollars or $2/minute.  You may talk for all or some of this time and it includes recording and editing your interview.  Adding music or another person to your interview, or translating it into another language is $2/minute.  Creating a :30 promo for your interview is $20. Distributing your promo is $2/contact.  A copy of the unedited “raw” interview is $2/minute.  One redo, and one five-minute pre-interview call are included free. For more information on other extras, please see FAQs and Terms and Conditions.

More People

Someone else in your interview with you can add an extra dimension of intimacy to your story.  Extra interviewees are added on a $2/per minute basis.

Music and Sound Effects

You can add music you own or have permission to use to your finished interview to make it something truly special.  Music and sound effects are added on a $2/per minute basis.

Promotion and Distribution

Media advisories and promos tell people about your interview.  We can send them to our list or just to the people you want.  Interviews and promos are distributed on a per contact basis.


We can translate your story from most languages to most other languages. Translation services cost $2/ minute.    

What is a Good Interview?

A good interview asks questions the audience is asking and reveals answers the audience never expected to hear.

I’ve worked in radio, television and print media for years. I’ve interviewed legacy stars like Kool and the Gang, Kenny Rogers, Harry Chapin, Bob James and Gladys Knight.  And I’ve interviewed Ziggy Marley, Pat Metheny, Dwight Yoakam and Squarepusher among others.  I’ve also talked to hundreds of people for news stories and features for all kinds of media.  I know how to talk with people,  how to listen, how to tell their story and how to make them sound good.  I’ll do the same for you and your story.

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We can conduct interviews you can’t get to and send you the raw audio files.  Contact us for more information.